Case study: Eland Cables

Eland Cables

200+ employees

Denaby, Doncaster, United Kingdom


Eland Cables is a global cable supplier, supporting high-profile, quality-conscious industry projects and critical infrastructure with power, data, control and instrumentation cables. Headquartered in London, their world-class cable testing laboratory and core operations are based in South Yorkshire. They provide a next-day service from stock via their delivery fleet across the UK, as well as despatching cables daily to projects around the world.

Eland Cables

Key fact summary

  • Early adaptors of the British Safety Council COVID-19 Assurance Assessment Service
  • The COVID-19 Statement assisted in validating that their efforts to minimise transmission risk were both substantial and suitable at the time of inspection
  • The assessment provided clear direction on what measures should be implemented to help staff feel safe and keep them safe within the workplace.


  • Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit
  • COVID-19 Assurance Assessment Service

Business Issue

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented issues throughout the world. As organisations return to the workplace, it is important that protective measures in accordance with government advice are implemented to help protect employees and clients alike.

Throughout the period of national restrictions, Eland Cables remained fully operational to meet the needs of their customers and their projects, some of which include new hospitals, railway maintenance and power to residential, commercial and industrial properties. Operating around the clock, they were very aware of the need to ensure the health and safety of their staff, while demonstrating a sense of responsibility to the wider community at this challenging time.

The COVID-19 Assurance Statement was an important acknowledgement that the operational practices they had rapidly implemented to provide protection against transmission were not only in line with the current government advice but were independently verified as being best practice.

What happened? And the impact?

The COVID-19 Assurance Assessment service allowed Eland Cables to validate that the efforts they were taking to minimise transmission risk, were both extensive and suitable in alignment with government advice.

They had already taken substantial measures to protect staff and safeguard operations: company-wide risk assessment and employee consultation, siloed shift groupings with clear breaks between them to avoid crossover, extensive PPE and temperature checks to access the site, enhanced deep cleaning programmes, extended social distancing, and contactless deliveries to name a few. The assessment service highlighted that it was more than just their own company policy to help change long-standing practices.

The recommendations provided were minor adjustments to enhance the work they had already done so they were able to quickly and diligently implement them immediately.

"Given the fast evolving and unique set of circumstances presented by the pandemic, the BSC COVID-19 Assessment gave much welcome and clear direction on what measures should be implemented to not only keep staff safe but also to help bring back that feeling of workplace safety that may have been rocked (as it had in every aspect of life). It helped us document our compliance against new and evolving Government guidelines and provided an invaluable pair of experienced eyes to review procedures. As the ramifications of COVID-19 continue to be felt over the coming months, so the value of the COVID-19 Assurance Statement will continue to be relevant."
Jean-Sebastien Pelland, Director, Eland Cables

And the wellbeing section of the assessment?

Eland Cable's ongoing Five Star Health and Safety Audit Certification alongside their recent transition from ISO 18001 to ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety certification meant that they already invested significantly in emphasising the health and wellbeing of their people. The British Safety Council COVID-19 Assurance Statement added another layer to this important area of the business. 

Their ongoing collaboration underlines their constant focus on both physical safety and mental wellbeing in their organisation, especially at a time when working and social practices were changing. Whether working remotely or at one of their sites, the people at Eland Cables and at British Safety Council share a common set of values centred around keeping lines of communication open, looking after each other, and finding a sense of safety in these uncertain times.

"Having previously worked with the British Safety Council on the Occupational Health and Safety Audit, and having achieved Five Stars on each occasion we put ourselves forward for accreditation, we knew that BSC were supportive of the companies they work with. The process of assessment was clear, the feedback both practical and welcome, and the speed of response swift at a time when other businesses may be struggling to operate at pace."
Jean-Sebastien Pelland, Director, Eland Cables

The British Safety Council COVID-19 Assurance Assessment offers professional support, guidance and independent assurance to enable organisations to develop and implement suitable protocols and arrangements within the workplace.