Case study: Liverpool Bulk Terminal, Hargreaves

Liverpool Bulk Terminal, Hargreaves

78 employees on site

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Materials handling facility

The site is an import and distribution facility located within the docks at Liverpool bringing in Biomass and Coal for E-on and SSE Power stations across the UK.


  • Members for over 15 years
  • Training and qualification services used regularly from Level 1 through to Level 6
  • Achieved five stars in the Environmental Five Star Audit for the past five years and the Globe of Honour for the last two years
  • Achieved the Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit over the last eight years and the Sword of Honour for the last seven years

Key fact summary

  • Reduced landfill use
  • Improved reputation helping to win contracts
  • Zero harm site for over 18 months

Business issue

To help improve their existing environmental systems and procedures, in order to improve their reputation and profile as a business on the open market.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending the British Safety Council. The service and advice that they have provided was constructive and helpful and has helped us to raise and improve our standards year after year. I have found their auditors to be friendly and very easy to work with over the eight years I have worked with them.”
James Richard Finch H.I.S Environmental Coordinator, Liverpool Bulk Terminal, Hargreaves.

What happened?

They enlisted the help of the British Safety Council auditing service to find out where the organisation was performing well and where there were areas to improve. Reviewing areas such as training, monitoring,  communication to improve the system we had in place.


They improved their waste management on site so that they now recycle or reuse most of their waste produced on site and send very little to landfill.

Suggested ways to give something back to the environment so they have introduced and managed two biodiversity projects by creating wildlife areas. The aim was to provide a self-sustained mixed herb and shrub vegetation to improve the visual quality of the site, and also promote increasing insect species diversity.

The work put in to achieve these awards also encouraged staff to step forward and become environmental champions with responsibilities for areas of the site with regard to environmental issues.

Winning the Awards improved our reputation and profile within the business market and has helped Hargreaves to win contracts at other locations across the UK and abroad.

Organisation's achievement with us

  • BSC_ISA product logo_on white_rgb-min.png

    International Safety Awards

  • BSC_SOH product logo_on white_rgb-min.png (1)

    Sword of Honour

  • BSC_GOH product logo_on white_rgb-min.png (1)

    Globe of Honour

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