Case study: UrbaCon Trading and Contracting (UCC)

UrbaCon Trading and Contracting (UCC)

Over 2,500 professional staff

Doha, Qatar


UCC offers full turnkey design, build, finance and operate services. Their fast-track methods allow for shorter project durations by executing parallel activities for design, procurement and construction process resulting in total delivery of projects in shorter time periods at less cost compared to conventional development programmes.


  • International Members sinceOctober 2013
  • Achieved an International Safety Award with Merit 2014.

Key fact summary

  • The globally recognised International Safety Award will encourage their employees to follow best practice with enthusiasm
  • The level of safety standards has reached a new level and is on a par with global best practice as a result of their membership of the British Safety Council
  • The repetition and sharing of safe and healthy practices has helped them to fulfil their vision

Business issue

There is always scope for continuous improvement in terms of the various issues associated with the safety of employees in the work place. UCC believes in continuous improvement and are always looking for new developments and insight into best practice. They believe the sustainable development of companies is dependent on international organisations like the British Safety Council.

“We are proud the globally recognised British Safety Council has given UrbaCon Trading and Contracting (UCC) a platform to grow, develop and implement its safety policy."
Ahmad Aseer FIIRSM, RSP, LEED Green Associate Senior HSE Manager and Management Representative, UrbaCon Trading and Contracting, LLC.

What happened?

UCC decided to become members of the British Safety Council to gain context and information on the best quality standards and good practices.

They were able to share this knowledge among their employees in the work place through:

  • Spreading awareness
  • Importance of safe practices
  • Valuing life
  • Togetherness, devotion and dedication


Education, training and implementation of safe practices have all led to increased safety awareness. The British Safety Council has helped the implementation of good protocol to reduce the chances of risks and accidents.

The association of UCC with the British Safety Council has taken them to a new level where it now meets global standards of safety. The health and safety department has received remarkable appreciation. The membership and award has increased their reputation and helped them to stand out in a competitive market. UCC intend to keep their association with the British Safety Council to enhance future growth.

Organisation's achievement with us

  • 2014_BSC_ISA_merit_logo_on white_rgb_300dpi-min.jpg

    International Safety Awards 2014

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