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    Safety’s night of the year

    Swapping hi-vis jackets for black tie and ballgowns, over 500 health and safety professionals arrived in style at Grosvenor House Hotel in London for a night of entertainment, dinner and dancing.

    By Belinda Liversedge covers the 2019 International Safety Awards on 30 April 2019

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    Common purpose, united efforts

    At times when countries are engaged in internal conflicts, when different groups are at loggerheads and there is an absence of consensus and a breakdown in community, there will always be political forces seeking to make capital.

    By Lawrence Waterman OBE on 13 May 2019

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    High risk; higher involvement

    Creating, implementing and maintaining a positive health and safety culture within both large and small companies can encompass mitigating a wide range of hazards, as well as the mentality of personnel in the workplace.

    By Tips on creating a positive health and safety culture to mitigate hazards while working at height on 27 February 2019

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    Managerial support is key to success

    As one of the largest sectors in the service industry, healthcare plays an important role in social welfare, job creation and economic development.

    By Chidiebere Ogbonnaya, Senior lecturer in Organisational Behaviour, University of Sussex on 05 February 2019

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    Better data and people engagement is a golden opportunity for intelligence

    Universal Safety Assurance is a new approach for sharing mutual compliance information using blockchain technology, a step towards increased contractor safety.

    By BeSure Network on 07 February 2019

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    Participation is key

    During the last six months I have been involved in delivering practical workshops and audits in the UK, the Middle East and France of the new international standard (ISO 45001) for health and safety management systems.

    By David Parr, British Safety Council on 02 July 2018

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    Companies should ‘learn from their peers’ to promote wellbeing, says report

    Companies should do more to measure effectiveness of staff wellbeing initiatives, a study has found after few organisations surveyed were able to submit strong evidence of the impact of interventions on health and wellbeing outcomes.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 20 August 2018

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    Sister Act

    The 280m aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and her sister ship are the biggest ever built in the UK.

    By Anna Ryland on 22 August 2018