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    A healthy office: how design can boost wellbeing

    Environmental factors such as noise, air quality, temperature and ventilation can all impact on the health, wellbeing and productivity of office workers, so it makes sense to address them when designing and running office buildings.

    By Bex Moorhouse, Invigorate Spaces Ltd on 20 September 2023

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    Made to move

    Could active sitting provide a solution to our sedentary-related health problems? We visit a unique shop to find out.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 01 September 2023

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    The role of evidence in workplace safety and health

    By Dr Sarah Cumbers, Lloyds Register Foundation on 21 August 2023

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    Competence and culture change in the built environment: important developments

    Building safety is the new regulatory regime overseen by the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) to ensure the fire safety and structural safety of higher-risk buildings (HRBs).

    By Laura White, Pinsent Masons on 16 August 2023

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    Harnessing technology to enhance fire safety in construction

    Although fire can be a significant hazard during construction work, leading construction company Avondale Construction is deploying a range of innovative technology to minimise the risk of a blaze.

    By Nick Curran, Avondale Construction on 15 August 2023

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    Building a safer future

    A new charter and benchmarking scheme aims to encourage all stakeholders in the built environment industry to develop the necessary leadership and culture to put people’s safety first in how we design, build and maintain the built environment.

    By Gary Townsend Vila, Building a Safer Future on 15 August 2023

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    Getting arc rated PPE procurement right

    Arc rated PPE provides vital protection against electrical arcing for people such as engineers working on electrical installations, but it’s crucial to consider factors like comfort, durability and weather protection when selecting it.

    By Jonas Andersson, GORE-TEX on 09 August 2023

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    Emergency evacuation for people with mobility issues: why we must do better

    With research revealing poor understanding among many businesses of their duty to have arrangements in place to safely evacuate mobility-impaired people, it’s time for the government to educate building owners about their obligations and mandate the provision of evacuation equipment, to ensure a safe evacuation for everyone.

    By Gerard Wallace, Evac+Chair International on 02 August 2023

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    Where’s the support for disabled and older people living through major fire safety remediation works?

    Who Are CLADDAG (Leaseholder Disability Action Group)? In early 2020, Sarah Rennie and I didn’t know each other.

    By Georgie Hulme, CLADDAG on 02 August 2023

    Lord Lytton

    Why I'm backing a new Building Safety Remediation Scheme

    A new Building Safety Remediation Scheme would hold developers and builders to account for all fire and building safety defects in homes.

    By The Earl of Lytton, House of Lords on 02 August 2023