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    Check them out

    When hiring operators of workplace transport equipment like lift trucks, it’s vital to know how to check the validity of their training certificates.

    By Adam Smith, managing director, AITT on 01 November 2021

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    A real examination

    Thorough examinations of forklift trucks are vital to ensure they remain safe to use.

    By Geoff Martin, chairman, CFTS on 01 November 2020

    Warehouse 430 Wide Min

    Safer trucking

    Forklifts can pose a serious risk to nearby workers, highlighting the importance of adequate segregation, appropriate training and regular monitoring.

    By Stuart Taylor, managing director, Mentor FLT Training on 01 November 2021

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    You only have two lungs

    A collaborative investigation into dust exposure levels during road planing works on the M25 motorway led to dust levels being cut by half – and some vital lessons for the highways maintenance industry on preventing respiratory disease.

    By Steve Perkins, Steve Perkins Associates Limited on 05 September 2022

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    Education for the future

    Exciting developments in education technology look set make it easier to teach, engage and motivate learners on health and safety – and save employers time and money.

    By Dr Julie Riggs, British Safety Council on 05 September 2022

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    Hybrid working: how to apply the lessons learned

    Hybrid working can support worker health and wellbeing, increase staff engagement and help attract a more diverse workforce, but getting it right requires genuine collaboration and trust between employers and their teams.

    By Ben Goodall, Acas on 03 September 2022

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    Keeping it real

    What is authentic leadership and what can authentic leaders do for teams and workplace culture?

    By Belinda Liversedge on 06 September 2022

    Don’t slip up on safety

    Slips, trips and falls on the same level are the most common cause of injury at work, but there are practical ways of preventing them.

    By Neil Hewitt on 01 September 2021

    Happy Healthy Workforce Credit IOM

    A healthier future for construction

    Wearable technology, greater employee involvement in decision-making and embedding risk reduction at the design stage of projects could all help boost the health of construction workers, according to a new report from IOM.

    By Nathan Baker, Institute of Occupational Medicine on 19 August 2022

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    Artificial intelligence: the benefits and dangers of data

    AI is already being widely used to protect people’s health and safety at work, but there’s a danger the data being harvested could be used in negative ways, such as pervasive monitoring of employees’ work rates and performance.

    By David Sharp, International Workplace on 12 August 2022