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    Don’t Fall For It! How IPAF’s safety campaign aims to save lives

    Falls from the platform are the most common cause of serious injury and death when using mobile elevating work platforms – but they can easily be prevented.

    By Brian Parker, IPAF on 01 February 2023

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    Let’s step up the talk and action on menopause and work

    A third of employers do not feel well equipped to support women going through the menopause, according to an Acas poll. This is by no means an isolated finding – a long tail of research reminds us that the menopause still sits low on the list of workplace priorities.

    By Simone Cheng, Acas on 01 February 2023

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    The gateways to building safety

    A new ‘gateway’ approval process aims to ensure the safety of certain high-rise residential buildings in Britain.

    By Colin Blatchford-Brown, HSE on 01 February 2023

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    Mental health in construction: building the next storey

    With rising numbers of suicides in construction, how is the industry responding to the crisis?

    By Belinda Liversedge on 01 February 2023

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    A step up

    Guidance has been published to make it easier to communicate the essential messages for safe working at height to designers, clients, managers, supervisors and workers.

    By Peter Bennett, Access Industry Forum (AIF) on 01 March 2021

    Oral Fluid Testing In Hazardous Workplaces 2

    Testing times

    New research shows a majority of workers would be happy to be tested for drugs and alcohol at work to keep everyone safe, and developments in oral fluid testing kits mean the process is now faster and less invasive.

    By Ian Gil-Rodriguez, Draeger Safety UK on 18 January 2023

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    Starting the conversation on mental health at work

    Supporting workers’ mental health can reap benefits for a business, and one of the simplest ways to get started is to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable talking about their mental health and seeking help if they need it.

    By Claire Fleming (Mental Health Foundation) and Alison Pay (Mental Health at Work) on 06 December 2022

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    The Great Smog of 1952: seventy years on

    On 5 December 1952, a great smog covered London in a deadly blanket. It would end up killing 12,000 people.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 05 December 2022

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    Alcohol and the workplace – the hidden threat to employee wellbeing

    Starting conversations at work about the health risks posed by excessive alcohol consumption can bring benefits – not just for the wellbeing of employees but the organisation’s productivity and safety standards.

    By Jane Gardiner, Alcohol Change UK on 02 December 2022

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    How you can make your workplace a place of wellbeing

    A variety of practical steps can help support good mental health at work – from highlighting company financial benefits that could ease employees’ money worries to making reasonable adjustments to support people experiencing a mental health problem.

    By Andrew Berrie, Mind on 20 January 2023